Saturday, December 30, 2006

Do you want VoIP Help ?

Dear Friends

I am in VOIP industry since more than 2 years , I have experience in PC to phone , phone to PC , IP to phone , Phone to IP Device , Phone to Phone calling Cards , Billing , Origination Calls Retails , Wholesale , Termination calls Etc.
I am working on open source VoIP projects.

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ashu_sip2006 said...

sir please let me know why we are using media proxy if we have asterisk.

Second question. why we use b2bua,if we have asterisk.

Please provide brief description.



Anand Dayal said...

Asterisk & SER both are different opensoure voipswitch software. Mediaproxy is a part of SER, using it you can configure Geographically distributed proxy servers , Ability to have different proxies for different SIP domains , Ability to use multiple proxy servers per SIP domain , Load balancing and redundancy , Display active media sessions , Accounting of network traffic , Configurable IP and UDP port range , Support for audio and video (handles all media streams in a session) , Independent of SER version , Only use 2 ports per media stream features. You can’t require the mediaproxy with asterisk bcz asterisk have rtp channeling. B2Bua require asterisk bcz is only AGI program. Without asterisk you can’t use asterisk-B2Bua, using it you can communicate with radius server.

Anand Dayal

Charlie said...

I would greatly appreciate some help : )

I am way out of my depth with my wifes home office setup – and yet in order to stay 'happily' married have to some how make it work better...

The main aim is to try and make the voip as stable as possible.

We have two fast ADSL2 plans with Telstra

We have two identical modems Telstra 2071-A 2wire

A dual WAN router – TP-Link TL-R480T+

and 4 computers using skype on 4 different accounts

My question is how can I optimise the modems / router and how do I to give Skype priority on the second modem?

I know it is a big ask.