Tuesday, October 3, 2017

kamailio + RTPengine IPv6 & IPv4

Kamailio and rtpengine are simply providing IPv6 to IPv4 support.   For that Kamailio and rtpengine are required to run them with the IPv6 and IPv4 IPs. below are sample IPs configuration for kamailio



and run the rtpenging with the IPv6 and IPv4 IPs using following  cmd

/usr/sbin/rtpengine    --table=0 --interface=pub/EXTERNAL_IPv4 --interface=pub/GLOBAL_IPv6   --interface=priv/INTERNAL_IPv4  --interface=priv/GLOBAL_IPv6   --listen-ng=     --tos=184       --log-level=7       --pidfile=/run/rtpengine/rtpengine.test.pid

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